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If I see you in that casino I can easily confuse you to russel peters 👍🏼.. fantastic!!
Comment from : noxnyc23

good luck ng
Comment from : spider88able

Anthony Kence
He should have keep the 1000 dollars , wheel of fortune is a tight machine.
Comment from : Anthony Kence

David Z
Good to know the high limit monopoly is as bad as the dollar one.
Comment from : David Z

Klp Klp
You are the nicest man! I enjoy your videos very much, win or lose. You will WIN next time. You will WIN your money back. Looking forward to the next power of your spin!!! 😊
Comment from : Klp Klp

linda neblett
Ouch....better luck next time!
Comment from : linda neblett

Can't say you didn't try.
Comment from : schallrd1

Kirk Ramsay
If you are looking for a better way to spend that kind of money maybe you can help me out, I need significant dental work but have no money or insurance what do you think?
Comment from : Kirk Ramsay

Gary Carlson
Cash out your money dont put it all back in the machine.
Comment from : Gary Carlson

Question, On the first Slot Machine ( Monopoly 5.00 $ ) were you playing one line? Was the Maximum 5 lines at 25.00 $ a Pull?
Comment from : KaptainKarisma10

Kevin H
Thanks for the video ..I love your content.keep up the great work
Comment from : Kevin H

Richard Bott Slots
Wow....Rough session....Keeping it real...Hope you win it all back on the next one....Good Luck!!!
Comment from : Richard Bott Slots

Stephen McAllister
dude was up over $1700 and then lost it all on monopoly. LOL 😂
Comment from : Stephen McAllister

Douglas Themis
I'm a new sub your a Nice guy wish you luck!
Comment from : Douglas Themis

Katie Mikell
When the machine isn’t hitting anything you need to reset it by hitting on a different play Button like pulling the handle instead. There should be three different ways to play the machine? You need to switch those around. An employee of a casino told me that.
Comment from : Katie Mikell

Best Music
You are patient....that first game I would have played it down to my original bet and tried another machine..
Comment from : Best Music

Yaacovlev Ahava
Salaam aleikoo
Comment from : Yaacovlev Ahava

Debbie Crothers
Comment from : Debbie Crothers

Hit and Run CM
Comment from : Hit and Run CM

Thomas Ralabate
Gotta love your risk taking.
Comment from : Thomas Ralabate

Hemi Vic
Hi NG! Sorry for the $2000 loss! Wheel of Fortune has never been one of my favorite slot machines! It takes in more money than it pays out! I would only play $100 Dollar Wheel of Fortune if I were to have a Group Pull! It’s great to see you play the older style slot machines! Those are my favorite! I’m sure you will have a better winning day tomorrow!
Comment from : Hemi Vic

Ade Bristol
I can see you having a very rough run but don't worry you will hit loads of grand jackpot soon jackpot is coming NG
Comment from : Ade Bristol

Jeffrey Brezinski
Dude know how u feel. Your not alone.
Comment from : Jeffrey Brezinski

better luck next time NG 👍
Comment from : 영B

crazy nana & family
Lost $6000 in 3 days ,it takes me 6 months to even get $6000 .damn I want to be you ,Rich as fu*k well keep losing $2000 a day you won’t be rich no more though
Comment from : crazy nana & family

Chikita boy rod
Ng your winning 8thousand dollars soon
Comment from : Chikita boy rod

Patricia Wakefield
Better luck next time. It's coming NG. You will see. : )
Comment from : Patricia Wakefield

Margarita Ortiz
Hello my friend don't have the time to see you playing because is a earthquake in Puerto Rico and l have sister and she is coming tomorrow. see you soon.
Comment from : Margarita Ortiz

MGSlots 21
Sorry bro. Wish it was better for you. Thank you for the Gretchen shoutout, Narek. We appreciate it
Comment from : MGSlots 21

brand smith
It started out great. I hope to see you one day win a million.
Comment from : brand smith

Marcial Nieves
Good job NG my favorite game monopoly money
Comment from : Marcial Nieves

Rj Sh
Do all these Vegas casinos allow filming?
Comment from : Rj Sh

Dammmmmm Omg NG
Comment from : MrBTDhimself

Sorry to see ya lose that 1K! I've seen other channels that use their identity/players card and they get $100 back every loss or something like this. Just saying!

Love your accent! Keep up great work sir

Comment from : mcvmarie

Edward Woolford
If you get a chance watch with close captions
Comment from : Edward Woolford

David Ponx
I wish you better luck tomorrow. Love the channel.
Comment from : David Ponx

jay domingue
your do for a good hit.wish me luck going to casino tomorrow 2k and a dream lol.
Comment from : jay domingue

This is exciting to watch!! Do you ever play the mega bucks machines? I’d love to see you play those!
Comment from : ShyDoll

TD Trules
You started out so good NG
Comment from : TD Trules

Mike Aubrey
Good things are coming NG! It's going to be a fantastic new year! Thanks for another great video.
Comment from : Mike Aubrey

jay domingue
hey ng still watching you just been really busy with work and taking care of my mother (fell down the stairs).still giving u thumbs up every day.keep up the good work no more losses. atleast u got the 1600 in free slot play money.good luck my friend!
Comment from : jay domingue

cuong nguyen
i dont understand why this guy hit some good money and then he keep playing until he lose it all back
Comment from : cuong nguyen

Sue Smith
Can you play high limit rising koi
Comment from : Sue Smith

I just love your videos NG! You always make my day and I’m so sad when you don’t hit a major hand pay every day! You deserve it! Thank you for putting a smile on my face!
Comment from : MuzikChik10

Mary Francy
Tomorrow will be a better day! I can feel it!
Comment from : Mary Francy

Robert Fowler
Hopefully next time you can get a sumptin nice. Good job ng
Comment from : Robert Fowler

Nice Session NG, I have never had Luck with Wheel of fortune Slot Machines Either!
Comment from : P C

Aurora Ang
Good luck NG !
Comment from : Aurora Ang

Alfred R.
Wow I like your style my friend! 100 dollar wheel of fortune 🤣🤣🤣crazy
Comment from : Alfred R.

Figgy Puddin
Don't feel like you always have to have winning videos or we'll stop watching. You're a really great guy! Off course, we always want to see you win, but I seriously doubt anyone would stop watching because you had a run of bad luck. If they did, oh well, good riddance :) You'll beat these machines with an AWESOME WIN!! Continued good luck!
Comment from : Figgy Puddin

james r
Big fan NG!
Hope you don’t mind me suggesting. Just wanted you to know.

Comment from : james r

I watch every episode and please focus on lightning link. The other machines don’t do anything. Dragonlink is also not that good.
Good luck tomorrow.

Comment from : Michiel

Thank you again NG. You’re gonna get it. Thanks for the fun here in Florida.
Comment from : margaret

Bill Main
She me the Bonus
Comment from : Bill Main

Cynthia Coleman
Great video NG. I’m a loyal subscriber win or lose. Have a great day!
Comment from : Cynthia Coleman

Ughh those high limit machines. So fun and exciting to play but when they don’t pay up... it hurts. Hopefully next time you’ll get a good jackpot. Thanks for the great videos as usual Narek ! Happy new year & cheers from your fans in Los Angeles. 👍🏼💗✨🎰🇦🇲🍺🍸⚡️🎉
Comment from : AM21

Alfred R.
I don’t think it’s holly molly 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Alfred R.

Mike Iliopoulos
Good luck my friend..... marhaba
Comment from : Mike Iliopoulos

Mary Francy
I’m here NG!
Comment from : Mary Francy

Lora Loza
vin meter show 75 but bonus 375 (5)...weird...so ...its supposed to vin meter 1875 dollars not 375, because you played on 25 doll. - its not nice to play on this slot, thnks for share
Comment from : Lora Loza

Maryann Kelley
That was tough. Better luck tomorrow. 👍🍀😄
Comment from : Maryann Kelley

Cheryl B
You are going to hit big soon NG!!! Love you and your vids. Keep up the great entertainment you provide! 💖💖💖
Comment from : Cheryl B

Debra Hall
Good luck 👍
Comment from : Debra Hall

Brock M
1:41 He didn't even notice that $425 line hit haha.
Comment from : Brock M

Stephen Scott
U going to hit it big one day ng
Comment from : Stephen Scott

anthony ricks
Did you notice that your second monopoly bonus said $100 but you were given $500???
Comment from : anthony ricks

m black
Play some pharoahs fortune
Comment from : m black

Comment from : ZACKARY MARX

Akil ben
Thx for sharing NG ..
Comment from : Akil ben

Alin Dorin Marocico
Comment from : Alin Dorin Marocico

Alin Dorin Marocico
Greetings from here in Germany. you play really like me. Good luck to as many Bonuses🍀🍀🍀🍀💸💸💸💸
Comment from : Alin Dorin Marocico

Joe white
6:35 I dont think it's a holy moly 🤣😭😭👍
Comment from : Joe white

Olivia Morales
😱tomorrow NG
Comment from : Olivia Morales

Gina Nava
Oh Ng sorry good day
Comment from : Gina Nava

Olivia Morales
Comment from : Olivia Morales

Rowe down
ng you are starting to spoil us with this high limit slots.
Comment from : Rowe down

Sandy Goyer
Love old slots sorry they weren't nice to you.Tomorrow is a another day.😞😞😞
Comment from : Sandy Goyer

Franco Prez GoNe SleDdInG
gotta love that oil reserve money
Comment from : Franco Prez GoNe SleDdInG

Awoopa_ Paul
That was a good battle but you can't winning them all thanks for playing NG 👍
Until next time 💜

Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

Thanks for the high limit 3 reel action NG! Gretchen's favorite was nice to start off but turned out to be not so nice! Cheers!
Comment from : OldSchoolSlots

Lori Schubert
OMG NG!!! WHEN THAT MACHINE SAID "ALMOST" I WANTED TO SMASH IT!!! You always give us great videos!!!! Thank you!!🎰👍💵💰
Comment from : Lori Schubert

Oh my god NG you going to make have a heart attack oof ........Next time bro
Comment from : Terramex

Olivia Soliz
Thank you for trying i was hoping you got a big win tomorrow you will good day Ng and good luck to you.
Comment from : Olivia Soliz

Marie Jung
Oh jeez...the machines are so stingy....next one!😄👍
Comment from : Marie Jung

Fortunatto Mendes
Comment from : Fortunatto Mendes

Shhh Slots
I don't think you noticed when you won on the wheel you also hit 2X triple bar triple bar for $400 as well! Great video NG! Much love and luck from AZ
Comment from : Shhh Slots

Patricia Anderson
GreaT video
Comment from : Patricia Anderson

Rachelle Robertson
Rats!! Good luck NG!!
Comment from : Rachelle Robertson

Travis Hinton
I like that game and the bonus sound effects
Comment from : Travis Hinton

Hong Khou
Hey NG, hopefuly the next few eposides will bring better luck
Comment from : Hong Khou

Carlos G
Thats okay NG, I know you will bounce back and get a monster massive jackpot on your next session. Good Luck brother NG🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
Comment from : Carlos G

Linda Chinn
Interesting monopoly machine... but it hot hu try and ate up any einnib t's you accumulated! Nice try though
Comment from : Linda Chinn

Troy Robinson
Thanks for sharing NG
Comment from : Troy Robinson

Liliana Alvarez
greetings my friend
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

Are you rich from slots or do you have another income funding your high limit gaming
Comment from : derek452

maria I
My wish in 2020 is we should come to some standard of the definition of a tight machine.
He put $1,000 in the first machine and it paid out $4,451.
He put $1,000 in the 2nd machine and it paid out $900.
i don't consider that to be tight whatsoever.

Comment from : maria I

Aussie Jim
Go NG...
your our only hope.

Comment from : Aussie Jim

salee Pulkka
good luck NG show me the power bonus
Comment from : salee Pulkka

Eric Bratton
Good video I'm surprised at Monopoly money always hit 5k handpays on it try again it will give
Comment from : Eric Bratton

Sue Bella
NG you tried. Tommorow s another day Better luck Have a great rest of your day 🤑💕✌️🤗
Comment from : Sue Bella

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