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is it just me or does daniel negreanu give shitty advice?
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Ronald Goodrich
Your weapons in poker are check raise or fold.
Comment from : Ronald Goodrich

How do we determine the anount to bet
Comment from : FLORIDA MAN

Long term Game Theory will tell you, if you are a ferocious bettor who is constantly betting the pot, or even overbetting the pot with strong hands, you will make more money, because you will be the player pulling your bets back, and dragging more pots, while denying your opponents equity. I've seen this in my regular 2-5 and 5-10 games. The guy who bet crazy, would always get wayyy more value than everyone else. He had multiple 5-figure scores playing 5-10. That's real VALUE
Comment from : GARY Gwin

where can I buy the online course????
Comment from : jdziedzic11

Goddamn I swear my biggest problem at the tables is trying to extract value from my big hands. I try sizing up a proper bet that I think they might call with, instead they fold. I try giving them a free card and let them catch up then one street later I make a bet, they fold. I try shoving they fold. It doesn't matter what I do they just won't pay out my monster hands! Then off course there's the coolers which usually cost me my stack. Well you do the math. If I can't extract money from my big hands winning pittance every fucking time I have the goods and my downswings are my entire stack it means I'm losing fucking money in the long run! I can't fucking stand it! It doesn't matter what I bet or how I bet I cannot extract value from my fucking made hands! What the fuck am I doing wrong!?
Comment from : Demogorgon47

When I have a good hand I usually bet approximately what is in the pot on every round. It normally pays off but I suppose I should pay more attention and adjust as needed. What normally happens is a lot of people fold, but a few usually call. I sometimes end up going all in and either winning big or losing, but I still send the message that I only play big cards. And I also get some respect along with the chips.
Comment from : Drew

Tyler Mokarry
What about extracting maximum value through slow playing? Sometimes its not about betting the right amount, but getting your chips in the pot
Comment from : Tyler Mokarry

Technology Stuff
r u kidding? :D :D :D
Comment from : Technology Stuff

sasha harmaya
ahahah "When your betting on river and they instant fold"  The idiot says its because you bet too much. THey prob missed a draw and had 9 high hahhaha idiot.
Comment from : sasha harmaya

sasha harmaya
this guy is a beginner.
Comment from : sasha harmaya

Boyan Rachev
There is so much more to poker atleast in my opinion. First you didn't mention the semi-bluff where you bet on your draws for the nuts or hands that would beat the average tight player top pair or push them out of the hand, IMO at wsop/rookie online games this is the best way to go. Also you didn't mention its better to slowplay/float your really strong hands. You are most likely to extract maximum value by doing so. :)
Comment from : Boyan Rachev

Value betting or bluffing What about trying building the pot while floating, and/or waiting on a draw card.hitting an ace high flush and winning 5BB sucks.
Comment from : Bosco

lyonel scapino
Okay it s essential and thus you have to think about it. Think about ranges.
Comment from : lyonel scapino

Yeah. That's very logical. But it leaves out some things--for example, loose players who will STILL call an oversized bet on gut draws, etc. Also, IMO, there's something to be said for reducing variance--whether it's "better" to accept a lower value to get a lower variance. There's also the question of how YOU handle the rest of the board--how well you will KNOW whether or not your top pair got beat.
Comment from : GetMeThere1

But what about the worry of the villain staying around to make a better hand? If I have top pair on the flop, and there's makings of straights or flushes on the board, I generally prefer to get him OUT--if the amount he has already put in seems "adequate" for my trouble. Is this wrong? Where I play, people LOVE to stay in. If you get 3-4 people staying in, one of them WILL beat you! I seem to worry more about driving people out when I have the best hand, rather than value betting them, LOL.
Comment from : GetMeThere1

Poker itself isn't the most honest of activities. And most coaching is borderline scam. At the end of the day the one who benefitted/succeeded after coaching would have done so anyway, and for the failure it wouldn't matter what they do. Perhaps you have only recently realised this? Why is it that we NEVER see bad reviews for coaches? In the poker community there is a thing about putting down people with worse reps than you and looking up to some better player, making coaching a biased market.
Comment from : watergun7

I can tell from your reply that you are indeed a profitable player. I value honesty and integrity, but my family refuses to accept my poker activity because 9 out of 10 people (including the maker of this video) lie about their profits and call themselves a pro. It lead me to the situation that I now refuse to talk about my profits because nobody still believes you. I moved to Asia to do my own thing without getting judged, and now all of a sudden everyone asks me where the money comes from
Comment from : wallythewhale

Minraise pre instead of 3x in late position. His 3b stat is actually not that high given that he will 3b co, button or sb open much more than vs mp open. You can flat ip with KQo or 4b bluff depending on further reads- if he 3bets polarised then you 4b, if he 3b merged then you flat. If he is actually 3betting tight vs mp then you fold. Also I don't get why you must hate on this guy who is at most a little dishonest, when there are much worse, proven scammers in the poker community/world.
Comment from : watergun7

If you have played thousands and thousands of hours of poker online like I have in my mid 20s, you come across loads of people that claim to be professional and 90% of them lie. I get a strong feeling that this guy is a brag that just wants to portray an image of somebody he's not, like so many people do. Friends of mine have made 650k at the age of 24 and none of them post this kind of videos. I'd be very curious to see an online screenname with consistent results
Comment from : wallythewhale

why forever did you lose alot of money in that situation?
Comment from : bzukes7

when I thin value-bet bluff I always get called because they think my bet sizing represents the strength of my hand
Comment from : Sxnz

Situation 1: You are in middle position with KQo. It is folded to you and you open to 3x. Effective stacks 100bb. All others fold and the big blind 3bets to 9bb. Stats: VPIP 40, PFR 34%. Pre flop 3bet% is 14%. How do you proceed with KQo vs this particular player? Is a pre flop 3bet% of 14% mainly for value or does it lean towards bluffs? You click on the 3bet stat and see that he mainly 3bets from the blinds. What are all the adjustments you make against players that 3bet often pre flop?
Comment from : wallythewhale

Just to prove whether this guy is an advanced amateur with a big mouth, or a true professional poker player that consistently beats NL100 and higher, I am going to ask questions about specific situations that separate pros from amateurs. I'm not trying to judge anyone, but they are questions with useful and critical answers to be a profitable player. Everyone feel free to answer
Comment from : wallythewhale

except you don't know if you have a better hand. you might have A K, while your opponents has pocket 5's, you have a flop that is A 5 9, and you think you're set to go. Only later to find out that your opponent had you right from the get-go.
Comment from : BDemba16

Hi! Would you mind to tell me your best poker books - sit n go / tourney - ? Sorry for my english, i don't speak your language very well :)
Comment from : Sam

leang kang
get bad beat is normal from a bad call but you are winning most of the time so best way to make money is to play with bad players
Comment from : leang kang

Andrew Grenon
Those who cant do, criticize others :)
Comment from : Andrew Grenon

you cant fuckn extract value laying online rigged poker because wen u do flop ur set believe the donk is seeing the river with his fuckn flush or straigh waiting on him wen u see ur aces u minus well push all in thats the most value ur going to get online
Comment from : dman58766

Nick Werle
horns of dilemma - play with good, you wont get idiot calls, but your behind play with bad, you get idiot calls
Comment from : Nick Werle

Kevin O'Brien
teaching is very weak = business opportunity
Comment from : Kevin O'Brien

Multi tablers hate being reraised, ATTACK.
Comment from : ManiacPoker

Once again i stumbled to one of your videos. How much to get you to remove them? they are too good LOL.. Seriously I wish I had seen them a few years ago, they would have saved me much grief and money. Any break even player can get huge value from your vids and even winners can add some punch to their game. I'm in two minds, thank you? or you know what lol. Nah well done Champ, another great vid. Appreciated by many I'm sure.
Comment from : ManiacPoker

such a false adage.
Comment from : Kegs

Hey mate, do you also do HowCast videos? Your face is familiar
Comment from : Shan

You have to be playing good players to bluff period, bad players only look at their cards and don't think about their opponents, and you also need to know the opponent, pessimists look for reasons to fold, they think oh, he could have this or this or that and i lose, whilst optimists think, gee if i call and win this will be a huge victory for me, therefore you bluff a good pessimist and not a donk or calling station optimist. You make more if you play your opponents, and not your cards.
Comment from : nomakym

I wouldn't have even dignified him with a response, some people are better teachers than others, simple.
Comment from : jimz1024

John Marangiello
Just a tip: theres actually two sweet spots to betting one right between where he would call and fold, and one where you've bet so much it actually looks like you're bluffing. Like the value bluff bet you talked about. The only problem is the second sweet spot isn't always "turned on", so you have to know when to use that one.
Comment from : John Marangiello

sam barnett
Those who cant do, make jealous comments about people who successful
Comment from : sam barnett

mb in a turny
Comment from : Milcful

no no no no no
Comment from : Milcful

i must say dude. i kinda have to disagree with only 2 types of better, bluffing and value betting.. i often bet lets say 1/2 to 3/4 of the pot to get my opponent of the hand and take down the pot right there and then... i MAY be in front now, but i want them to fold. i dont suppose its a semi bluff because i have a made hand and i cant really improve much. see where im coming from?
Comment from : vmourad91

jasminetomca t
well said - i think it's great to share your insight - we can all learn from each other. it doesn't have to be some ego thing about who's the expert
Comment from : jasminetomca t

There is also range merging.
Comment from : acenine95

Gungnir Productions
Are these classes online or offline?
Comment from : Gungnir Productions

Joel Charron
@GOLDSILVERDUDE Those who can't do, shit on every one that helps them and blames everyone but themselves
Comment from : Joel Charron

Ron Zucker
When I'm playing well, I refer to a good set of value bets as a "chipectomy." When I'm playing poorly, I can't figure out what my maximum value bet is and I bet too much.
Comment from : Ron Zucker

@GOLDSILVERDUDE Those who can do, hedge their skills, and make lots of money doing it. : )
Comment from : SchoolofCards

Gold Silver
Those who cant do, teach :)
Comment from : Gold Silver

@rastaischill Yup very true.
Comment from : SchoolofCards

You have to be playing with good players to do a value bet bluff, or you will get called every time by people who just see a cheap showdown.
Comment from : rastaischill

i didnt know andy dufrain played poker...
Comment from : j33ptj04

@mbr05c thats why you have to set it up by value betting with the nuts and show them
Comment from : tmoney0728

Tom Alsworth
yeah and sometimes, when you don't want a call, say 600 will do it, 1000 will do it also but will piss em off.
Comment from : Tom Alsworth

Good lesson! Sometimes people think they are extracting maximum value, but they are really being trapped lol.
Comment from : Ramel34

Michael Rubano
@mbr05c ...same goes for floating. If you can float like a pro and you don't donk out your chips you can make it into the top 20%(depending on structure of course) of the field pretty much every time even with a bad run of cards.
Comment from : Michael Rubano

Michael Rubano
I've been value bet bluffing for ages now. It's amazing how well it screws with people. They get a subconscious feeling that they are beyond smoked and that making the fold is the "smart poker player's move". You have to mix it up though or players will catch on.
Comment from : Michael Rubano

Love the videos. How about longer vids and some more examples?
Comment from : ajdedinamo

giannis t
hello what happen when lets say i have top pair with midle kicker and i go passive until river so wnen i value bet in river the oppoment reraise me what i do?
Comment from : giannis t

Brian Wong
u post prob one of the best videos poker related!
Comment from : Brian Wong

nonoi pinoi
too bad im in Seattle. I want to go to school of cards:).I bet this will help my game!!!
Comment from : nonoi pinoi

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