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Siyana shana
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out poker secrets tips try Card Crusher Fixer (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got great results with it.
Comment from : Siyana shana

Rollin Rocker
No offense but are you gay? I can see some feminine tendencies coming out in your movement and the way you talk.
Comment from : Rollin Rocker

Sean Ó Briain
I'm a visual learner. I find it hard absorbing information from books. I like to watch and try things.
Comment from : Sean Ó Briain

Sujil Maharjan
@onjxchb i really like to play tournaments, you should get started with a no deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds to start playing get it here --> bit.ly/19tCVJW?=tbnwxc
Comment from : Sujil Maharjan

Dave Walker
Mate what an awful delivery of information. Go bum
Comment from : Dave Walker

TRD Pro 4Runner
US players can play online at Carbon Poker.
Comment from : TRD Pro 4Runner

this guy is hot
Comment from : InsiderBear

aryon costa
true what you said i watched all those videos that show u how to play and then i lose my money when i do what they say i enjoy watching you vids
Comment from : aryon costa

I strongly suggest checking out bluefire poker
Comment from : DupaCycDupa

do you know anything about poker vt with daniel negreanu? i do want to check out deuces cracked looks good. thanks for the recommendation! i was just starting to look into online poker training sites.
Comment from : hawk4127

i think expo facto reasoning was what you were referring to at 1:25... But when are your vids coming out and how much ?
Comment from : arnaud769

@TheAbsintheReviewNet Agreed. I would recommend the videos by Balugawhale. They are the best in my opinion. I should check out some more, haven't been on the site in awhile but im still a member.
Comment from : SchoolofCards

@TruAzn100 My custom Chips : ) . School of Cards Clay Chips.
Comment from : SchoolofCards

Deuces Cracked is the best for micro beginner to intermediate skill level players from my experience. The community there is also very newbie-friendly, and they started a new feature where you can directly ask the pros a question once per month.:)
Comment from : TheAbsintheReviewNet

Brian Wong
what type of chips are those on the table?
Comment from : Brian Wong

@UnUnkn0w Nah nothing wrong with cardrunners. Just don't have much experience with them, thats why didn't discuss them. They have some great mixed game stuff at card runners.
Comment from : SchoolofCards

@carlski76 Pokerxfactor def for sit an goes. Check out the videos by sheets
Comment from : SchoolofCards

do you have a site that you,d recommend purely for sit n gos??
Comment from : carlski76

thanks for the vids bro. good insight.
Comment from : savage4cabbage

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