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Jafar Iqbal
I use this easy to follow roulette system book I got from amazon, ‘Sweet Spot One-Third Roulette Strategy (OTRS)’ winning comes easy, all played on live wheels with genuine results, not fixed computer programs that let you win when you’re playing with free money but then prevent you from winning when you play with real money!
Comment from : Jafar Iqbal

Rahul Kohli
I tried this system though it worked for many times.. but once you hit losing number 8 to 9, it becomes really difficult to cover your losses.. if anyone got some better idea on this strategy please do suggest..
Comment from : Rahul Kohli

0E Fitness
I have a strategy where you can win 1 unit, only leaving 3 numbers open.
Comment from : 0E Fitness

3 0 8
@manslife good day sir I have a question pls help
My question is how many spin or max spin before the number zero (( 0 )) came out in live or online casino game hope you make a video about my question so I can easily understand... Thank you


Comment from : 3 0 8

Almond Autumn
How do I contact you?
Comment from : Almond Autumn

Nitin Mehtani
Worst system I played on same table lost 50000
Comment from : Nitin Mehtani

Jim999 Jim999
Really good. It's so easy to bet directly in a conventional way ending up losing loads. Patience is the key. Very impressed with your ideas 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Jim999 Jim999

Talip talipzengin@hotmail.com
One of for my small business, thanks 👍
Comment from : Talip talipzengin@hotmail.com

Batoot Cat
These corner bets are the best bets. You did a video back on Sept 06 just using two corners.. I live were there are casinos and I go at least 2 to 4 times a week.I have been using the 2 corner bet system every time. I have a bank roll of over 3000 and I place 5 dollar bets to start. I re-adjusted your chart a little so that I can go up to 16 times losing and still make a profit of between 30 to 45 dollars on each win.  I quit after I hit over 100 on profit which is after 3 wins. So far I have made over 1200, the most losses in a row was 14 before I won. I will try out this one too and see how it goes....thanks...
Comment from : Batoot Cat

Saro Mahseredjian
Good one
Comment from : Saro Mahseredjian

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